IBEM designed the curriculum to provide the expertise and knowledge needed for the natural healing career. We have included over 50 modalites in the natural medicine doctor and bioenergetic doctor programs.  Studies include healing therapies of the Asian-Indian, Chinese, European, North and South American Indian, US American Indian spiritualism, and other cultures and sciences.  We are committed to exploring new equipment, vendors, healthcare developments, treatments and laws in the medical and natural medicine fields to enhance student experience and knowledge.  In addition to our Continuing Education Program, IBEM has hosted special tutorial workshops to help students prepare for their exams.  We continually strive to be the most comprehensive, all natural medicine school.

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Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM)

Doctor of Bioenergetic Medicine (BD)

Doctor of Sacred Medicine (DSM)

All coursework focuses on Natural Medicine therapies, disciplines and modalities directed toward and focused on re-establishing the body’s natural balance.  We teach American Indian healing as well as traditional Natural Medicine classes.

Our classes are available in our Centennial, Colorado office or online through our Student-at-a-Distance Program.  For more information please Contact Us.

IBEM provides comprehensive coursework, laboratory and practicums to fully prepare their students to practice Natural Medicine.  Classes include:  Addiction, Alchemy, American Indian Medicine and Spirituality, Auricular Therapy, Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic, Biochemistry, Bioelectric Therapy, Bioenergetics, Biofeedback, Biomeridian, Ethics, Electro Dermal Testing and Treatment, Herbal Medicine, Holistic Anatomy and Physiology, Homeopathym Iridiology, Magnetic Therapy, Neurology, Nutrition, Organic Chemistry, Pan American Indian Medicine, Pathophysiology, Qi Gong, Rydoraku, Scanning, Somatic Therapy, Spagyric Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Voll, World Wide Indigenous Medicine and others.

IBEM is now the exclusive distributor of the IBEM Medicine Wheel, an integrated Traditional Biofeedback system.


As the first Bioenergetic Doctorate Program in North America, the Institute of BioEnergetic Medicine (IBEM) proudly offers natural medicine certification level or diploma training classes for:

                 *  Auricular Program – (certificate)
                 *  Biofeedback Program – (certificate)
                 *  Doctor of Natural Medicine (DNM)
                 *  Doctor of Bioenergetic Medicine (BO)
                 *  Doctor of Sacred Medicine (DSM)

Training for the IBEM Doctorate Degree Program runs concurrently, for thirty six months, earning our seminary students the three doctorate degrees: DNM, BO and DSM.

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