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Whether enrolling as a new student in Auricular Therapy and/or Biofeedback or as a doctoral student, the IBEM application process is straightforward. Just complete either the Auricular and Biofeedback Certificate Program or the IBEM Doctorate Program enrollment form and send it to Admissions. There are two ways to submit your Enrollment Form with fees:
  1. Download the Enrollment Form, fill it out and mail the $75 enrollment fee with the application form to:
    • IBEM Admissions  –  Attention: Nan Sullivan 7400 E. Arapahoe Rd., Suite 212 Centennial, Colorado 80112 USA

  2. Download the Enrollment Form, fill it out and email it to:
If you have questions about the programs and/or the enrollment process, please contact: Nan Sullivan at: [email protected]  
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7400 East Arapahoe Road, Suite 212
           Centennial, CO  80112

  Email:  [email protected]



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